B Love Network | B-Love-Network Earnings

B Love Network | B-Love-Network Earnings

Reward yourself.

B Love Network: a smartphone app that lets you stake BLV tokens, reward yourself with referrals, and more.


Get B-love Network:


On the BFIC Blockchain, the B-Love Token (BLV) is a community-reward token. To boost its internal value, the BLV token will use a progressive supply burn mechanism with a maximum supply of 20 billion tokens.


5x Rewards Each user of the B-Love Network app will receive 5x rewards. The B-Love Network plan will reward users for 500 days with a daily reward of one percent.


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5X Rewards The only staking platform with a return rate of five times! You can get five times the rewards if you stake as many BLV tokens as you like.


Daily Rewards To receive a 1% daily reward, stake any number of BLV Tokens. The staked amount is included in the daily reward. For 500 days, or until they reach the 5x Reward milestone, users will earn the daily reward in succession.

B love referral Program

Referral Program: Earn additional rewards by referring your friends, colleagues, and family members to join the program using your referral code. Associate Rewards or Team Rewards are the names given to these rewards.

B love Network Referral Code

Rewards for Associates and Teams Earn associate rewards for up to 15 levels. There is a predetermined reward percentage for each team level. Blove Tokens What is a B-Love Token? Your total associate rewards will increase proportionally to your team level.

B-Love Network App & Get 500 BLV Tokens for Free by using this Referral Code: (TCITDEBX)


On the BFIC Blockchain, you can find the community-reward token known as B-Love Token (BLV). To boost its internal value, the BLV token will use a progressive supply burn mechanism with a maximum supply of 20 billion tokens.


First Supply:

  • 3 Trillion
  • Most extreme Inventory:
  • 20 Billion Consumption:

BLV Token’s official wallet is Love Wallet, which offers a 10% monthly native token.


The native Love Wallet token is the BLove token.


Love Wallet is a multi-chain decentralized wallet for storing and exchanging NFTs and crypto coins.



XchangeOn (ITO)

Register on Xchangeon.io or download the XchangeOn App from the Google Play Store Swap BLV token with BFICoin Despoit BFIC in your XchangeOn account Transfer BLV tokens to the Beloved Network App and begin staking Dexa Swap or exchange your B-LOVE token from DEXA advanced decentralized exchange & trade platform for NFTs & Crypto Assets The asset swap portal and NFT marketplace are housed on the platform.

Go to dexa.exchange/swap to exchange your USDB or BFIC for BLV tokens. 10% Supply Burn The burning mechanism will control the supply of B-Love tokens. Register on dexa.exchange. Link your Love Wallet or MetaMask wallet. Ten percent of the initial supply will be consumed each month.

Download Blove app

The internal price of B-Love tokens will continue to rise with monthly passive burning.

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