Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 All Episode in Urdu Dubbing

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2: Now that you are here, she will get better. Thank God, you look very healthy. When I see you, I feel like I am seeing late Suleyman Shah. What is Halime Sultan’s situation? She is in a bad condition. She has survived till now, she did not give up. We will lose either the baby or both. Son… I need to see Wild Demir, the mother. Go, son. Ertugrul. My uncle will sacrifice an animal in his marquee. Every animal we sacrifice before we get Noyan’s head is dirty, brother. Tugtekin. Son, calm down.

Do you think he gets what he wants just because he wanted Headquarters to convene? He rides the high horse. He thinks he can get everything he wants. We fed them while they were hungry! We dressed them! He wanted Headquarters to convene despite all we have done. He asked why we exiled his Alps at the nomad tent. Son, calm down. He is still your cousin. First, you should be happy he is alive. I threw my hat into the ring. I will make him pay for this. God, give me patience! Are you going to shed blood? If he does not obey me, I will. Bey… …with your permission…

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Tugtekin speaks the truth. We should nip it in the bud. However, there is a certain way to nip it in the bud, Tugtekin. In any case, if you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind. Do not forget that. So, what shall I do? Two nomad tents are united now, there is no turning back from this. We will invite him to the Headquarters meeting. But it’ll be Kayi Beys who don’t choose him. Not us. And how is this going to happen? We will find Ertugrul’s weak point, Bey. Wild Demir.

God, please let it be his voice that I just heard. Take my life. Thank God. Bey. Animals being sacrificed, the meal given to our people… Are they doing this to give Ertugrul what he deserves or to convince him? The verdict about Ertugrul has been given. From now on, Tugtekin will command the Alps. I know how much you love your brother. If you are torn between your love and nomad tent I know you will choose your nomad tent. Do not waste Ertugrul just like that, Gundogdu. Because my mother and you were on the proper track yesterday but Ertugrul is back. If you and Mother Hayme will not take a step backward you will go astray.

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My mother and I know what we are doing, woman. You just mind your own business. Have you ever seen that Ertugrul has given up? Especially if the mission was given to him by his father. Your verdict will have no importance for him. I said we should not have gone to Aleppo, but they did! I said we should not have come to Anatolia, but they did! They should know better and not do anything. Otherwise, Gundogdu Bey will make them understand! God, please help.

God, please spare my wife and my child. Do not let my descendants go astray. Give us strength. Help us, so that we can get out of this blind hole we are in. You will watch every step Ertugrul and his Alps take. What about the other Kayi Alps? Try to get them on your side. Cause a rift between them if necessary. Do you understand? Do not worry about it, Bey. They will be in blind holes.

Son… Your uncle hosts this dinner for you. I cannot leave Halime, mother. I want her to see me first when she opens her eyes. Are you upset with me… …for taking your father’s mission back from you and giving it to Tugtekin? Do you resent me? You thought I was dead. Under those circumstances, your decision was right. However, I am here now, hale and hearty. So, your verdict is invalid to me. I know you do not want to go against my uncle after all the good things he has done. I do not want to reverse your verdict and put all the burden on your shoulders.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

How is it going to be, son? Let two nomad tent Beys give the verdict in Headquarters. I will tell everything I know in Headquarters. I will tell, so everyone will know what happened and how we are going to fight with the enemy. Then, Beys may vote for their fate. Dinner is ready, mother. They are waiting for you. Do you need anything? No, my daughter.

Now that Ertugrul is back from now on they will stay on the right side and you will stay with me on the left side until you get married. Who would marry me, Mother? Why not? What do you lack? You know what happened. What happened? When I was stabbed… No one can know whether you will have a baby or not. It is the will of God. Who would risk it and marry me, Mother? My beautiful daughter, every man who loves you will take that risk.

Alright? You chose a warrior wife like yourself. If you will be our enemy she will be the victim of this war sooner or later. Your wife and all the people you love. So you will resist. This torture won’t end until you obey me. Ertugrul. I am back, Halime Sultan. I am back. You never left, anyway. You have always been here. How can I go leaving you and my baby alone? Your nephew you hosted dinner for did not honor your dinner. Where did this Headquarters idea come from? It is impudent to object to Beys’ verdict. Ertugrul wanted Headquarters to convene and Beys agreed.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Dubbing In Hindi

You will ask this question to the Beys of the Headquarters, not to me. -Peace be upon you. -And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. My dear God heaven only knows why but you granted us such a beautiful day. God, thank you. Welcome home, son. You made us happy by coming back. Thank you, uncle. You welcomed us, shared your food. The Kayi Tent will not forget this. This is the bravery of Dodurga. We welcome, share our food and be comrade. Very good for you, Tugtekin. Not anyone in your position will share his food as you do.

Sisters, bring the lamb. Let us start now. We must take care of Ertugrul Bey and Halime Hatun. Tugtekin, Tugtekin. You are an honest man but you’ve got an extended thanks to competing with Ertugrul. Well, bard, play something so we pull ourselves together.

Of course, Bey. We will campaign to Georgia Anybody can come to our province But come only if you are brave Only if you pass the bloody creek We will campaign to Mongol Anybody can come to our province But come only if you are brave Only if you pass the bloody creek But come only if you are brave Only if you pass the bloody creek hear the words of the brave men allow us to get right down to stage Come as long as you’ll wear


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The shirt of death Come as long as you’ll wear The shirt of death hear the words of the brave men I pander to my beauty’s whims the important daughter of Georgia Come if you can take her away from The real daughter of Georgia Come if you can take her away Blood flowing through the sword Come if you can face it If it were not for Geyikli I could not have escaped from those tyrants.

-What is Geyikli like? -He is a Bayirbucak Turkmen. He lives in mountains, plains, and forests. Let me unroll it. Give it to me. I could come back here thanks to you, gazelle-eyes. To see you once more to hear your voice once more. My soul didn’t leave my body because I believed that you simply were alive, Ertugrul. Ertugrul! Ertugrul! -Do not tell anyone. -What did they do to you, my brave man? How can you grab a sword with this hand? You grab the sword with your heart, not with your hand.

Ertugrul must accept the situation, mother. And only you can make him do that. Otherwise, we cannot keep the two nomad tents together. How so, son? I saw the rage in Ertugrul’s eyes, mother. I knew, yet the storm in his heart is bigger than the Flood. He will not rest until he kills Noyan. He will go after Noyan as he did for Petruchio and Titus. We brought their castle down on them, but that was luck. However, it is not the same now. After all this pain we cannot face a new pain, Mother. Alright, son. Let us enjoy his return now. Where are you going with this wounded hand, Ertugrul? Artek Bey will heal my hand.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 In Urdu

He is waiting for me. I will be back in the evening. I know you want to get your mission back and seek your revenge. Every time you go on a mission I bid farewell to you to be a martyr. But this time everything is different, Ertugrul. What has changed, Halime Sultan? I saw your hand. You cannot even eat soup with this hand including fight, Ertugrul. I know… …your motherly love makes you say these words. I am neither angry at you nor will I tell anything bad to you. You do not want to raise our baby without his father. However… …I am not only your husband and the father of our baby.

Now I failed that trust once. Remember the lives we have lost. We came to my uncle’s tribe like parasites. Let the winter pass and you get better, then… There is no then, Halime Sultan. We do not have a winter to wait. We do not have even a day. If I do not go out today, there will be a lot of bloodsheds. Noyan will die. He has to. Kocabash won Gundogdu’s favor. Kocabash acted wisely. Scarf-headed had already deserved to die.

There is more. What is it? Gumushtekin and his daughter Goncagul. They are returning from Konya after meeting with Sultan Alaeddin. They will be in the nomad tent soon. Tugtekin and Gundogdu will go to Harput to get them. So? So, they will fall into our trap. Ertugrul? What about him? If the Headquarters decide against Ertugrul we’ll not get to do anything. They will fall out with each other like all Turks.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi?

You? Welcome to my humble house, Hamza Alp. Look at them! Why are they grinning? -Let me find out. -Abdurrahman! Mind your own business. Ertugrul Bey doesn’t want any problems before the Headquarters convene. What are you getting to do with Ertugrul Bey after the Headquarters, Dogan? What are you going to do? Tell me. You will herd animals together, Dogan, right? Dogan! The Alps! Mind your own business, Alps! I will… -Give me that boy! -Take him if you can! Since when Tugtekin’s Alps show their bravery to boys? We try to show manners to Ertugrul’s Alps, Master Demir. You… I will smash that big head of yours! Stop! The dog’s bark, yet the caravan goes on. There will be no problems before the Headquarters convene. Mind your own business. Let’s go. Who is this boy? Son of Ilgordu Alp who was martyred in ambush.

Trail. After everyone in his family died, he stopped talking. Trail. From now on, he is my bravest Alp. Where is Ertugrul Bey? He went to see Artuk Bey. He will show his hand. Until the Headquarters is over, please behave yourselves. Otherwise, we will be in trouble. How is my hand, Artuk Bey? I cannot lie to you, Ertugrul. It is almost impossible to use a sword with this hand. Yet Geyikli did a good job. God forbid, I may have had to cut your hand.

Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi Season

Thank God, I have two hands. I can fight with my right hand. In the worst case, I will cut that bastard’s heart out with my teeth. Halime Sultan must apply this cream to your hand every night. Then she will bandage it with a clean cheesecloth. Thank you. What do you think about me getting my mission back? My heart is with you.

But I might have to obey Bey. I do not know what verdict I will give in Headquarters. It depends on you, and your words. Other Beys are confused as well. Korkut Bey wants to see you, Ertugrul Bey. Thank God, you are back, Ertugrul Bey. Thank you, Aytolun Hatun. I wish you happiness with your baby. May you bring him up in peace. Halime Sultan suffered a lot while you were gone. Have some rest this winter. Tugtekin will handle your mission properly. Also, you can help Halime Sultan during her pregnancy. When Mongols arrive, your baby will be born. Be with them. Anyway, may God help us all. Thank you, sister-in-law. May God give you a baby, too.

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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2
Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2


Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

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