How To Add Payment Method On Google Play 2020


How To Add Payment Method On Google Play 100% Working

Can I use Google Play without a credit card? Yes In this post we will show you how you can add Google Play Payment easy Method 100% Working to the Google Play Store, and through it you can buy apps and take app trials.

Google payment center

Friends First we will talk about Google Play Store and Google Pay are two separate things. If you have taken an item from the Google Play Store or downloaded an application, you have to try it out or you may need to skip it. Sometimes an application is not available for free. If you or Free are available, some of its features are locked which you can use with a premium version or trial that requires payment method in the Google PlayStore to go to Google. We have posted all the details about this in a post which you can easily add your payment match within Google.

Google Play Payment Method

Google payment profile


We will give you the complete procedure for adding Google Payments and the ATM card numbers we provide to you within this post. You can copy and add the payment method by following this post. And can get all the services for free

How To Add Google Play Payment Method

We have given below all the information you need to add a Google Payments message. After selecting your country Brazil, put all the details below and you will become an account. You can watch our video for more details. can

Google payment profile

Card Number

  1. 5365957880842215|03|2024|563
  2. 5365957872036065|12|2025|296
  3. 5365953430467777|01|2023|903
  4. 5365953500165236|01|2024|506
  5. 5365952873340780|08|2021|473
  6. 5365956678165268|11|2023|332
  7. 5365957660337105|02|2023|541
  8. 5365953475002430|01|2024|600
  9. 5365951514734542|07|2021|247
  10. 5365951805134121|03|2024|225

Cpf 22116060000107

Cpf 28167684000130

1)Tex Info, 234.520.662-40

2)Tex Info, 133.267.246-91

4)Tex Info, 305.278.744-69

5)Tex Info, 646.842.904-84

6)Tex Info, 121.414.761-51

Address Line 1 Street Jeff xxxx
Address Line 2 Street Jeff xxxx
Neighbour Brazil
Zip/Postal Code 41500290


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