pubg mobile korean version apk and obb download

pubg mobile korean version apk and obb download

FPS game for android is number one in many countries with millions of downloads worldwide. Why is PubG mobile game so attractive? Read the article to review. pubg mobile korean version apk and obb download

  1. PUBG Mobile APK + OBB 1.3.0 – 32+64 Bit Download Free for Android

Player Unknown Battlefield (aka PUBG) is very popular in the gaming community around the world, with both PC and Xbox versions. With the rapid development of mobile games, PUBG developers took the opportunity to introduce gamers to the pubg mobile apk version.

Is it worth it for you? You will have the appropriate answer after visiting our pubg mobile review.

PUBG Mobile APK + OBB 1.2.0 - 32+64 Bit Download Free for Android
PUBG Mobile APK + OBB 1.3.0 – 32+64 Bit Download Free for Android

What is PUBG?

To put it simply, PUBG is a shooting game. The film is inspired by “Battle Royale”, directed by a Japanese director and released in 2000. About 100 athletes land a free fall parachute on a deserted island. Then, they will look for weapons and other necessary equipment to fight against each other.

You can choose whatever strategy you want to play this game. You can run, hide, ambush, use an ad, or get involved in a fight.

Since there is only one survivor (or a single pair / squad of 4 depending on your game mode), the mission is completed when you eliminate all the other players (or teams).

New PUBG KR apk for mobile 

PUBG was first released on PC by a Korean company and officially launched on Xbox a year later. PUBG Mobile APK was introduced by the world’s largest revenue earning Chinese game company Tencent. Despite being developed by a different game maker, the game brings the same experience in terms of content as PC and console versions.

PUBG Mobile APK instantly becomes a huge hit not only because of the graphics and gameplay that is similar to its PC version, but also because it is completely free. This survival game has been ranked as an Android and iOS game in many countries, with tens of millions of downloads just two weeks after its release. You can download PUBG Mobile APK at the end of this article.


If you’ve ever played PUBG on a PC or Xbox, you’ll quickly recognize that PUBG Mobile’s graphics are more easily adjusted. Inside the houses, everything now looks completely empty and small.

Pubg kr virgin apk

PUBG Mobile Korean Version APK + OBB 1.3.0 – 32 Bit Download

Even the structure of the game has been reduced. For example, in the early part of the game, when players parachute, you can’t clearly identify the island details as you normally see on the PC version. Instead, the whole scene is shrouded in fog. However, the details of the game are still sufficient compared to the small screen of the mobile.

Sound design

Sound is one of the many factors that contributes to the success of the game. Especially in shooting games, it is very important to listen to the movement around or to follow in the footsteps of the enemy. This can help players detect enemy movements and take advantage of the match.

You will be sucked into the “Battle Royale” world with realistic voices. The manufacturer takes good care of the sound designed in the PUBG Mobile APK. You can hear the roar of the enemy’s footsteps. You can hear the sound of gunfire from afar. Different gestures and movements, such as jogging, bending and crawling, make different sounds so that you can judge the opponent’s actions.


As mentioned above, the PubG mobile app gameplay is almost no different from the Xbox version. You can choose to play solo, perfect pair (pair), or team of four (squad). There is only one scene in the game. Players will search for weapons and equipment scattered on the island and then hunt each other. Your goal is to be the last person to survive.

If you’ve never tried the PC and Xbox versions, Force Field is a gameplay element included in PUBG and other similar game titles. This is an area of ​​damage that causes all the players inside it to lose health, which is limited by the safe area. Its main purpose is to intensify the commotion and limit the maximum time of the match.

Force Field is almost like a “hunger cycle” in which the remaining players have to be collected after a certain period of time, forcing the “strangers” to fight to the death. Without it, the battle will last forever, especially when many players prefer to “camp” in the “hidden corner” to wait for time to pass rather than speed up the game.

Pubg Mobile Esp

PUBG Mobile KR APK + OBB 1.3.0 – 64 Bit Download Free for Android

In addition, the PUBG Mobile APK also includes climbing capabilities that are only available on the official PC version. The game also has some manipulative adjustments to help mobile players, such as those who follow in the footsteps and shoot shots that don’t wear headphones or open speakers while playing.

Another interesting part of this game is the addition of real players. You may encounter some NPCs. They help new players get acquainted with the game. The higher the player level, the less likely NPCs to appear. Instead, more real players will be replace

To control

This is the biggest challenge not only for pub GB but also for any FPS (first front shooter) sport, which requires agility in every situation. Each action is performed by touch buttons on the screen, which causes a lot of difficulty in taking control, especially when shooting.

You can’t shoot accurately and move flexibly to avoid enemy bullets, and vice versa, even if shooting is possible. You can change the controls so that you can shoot from the sides of the screen, but it will take a long time to get used to it.

Mobile required

PUBG Mobile has been released on Android and iOS. the Android version requires Android 5.1.1 and has at least 2 GB of RAM, while the iOS version requires the iPhone 6 and iOS 11 or higher.

Last words

PUBG Mobile APK provides real-world experiences that most players actually get on PC and Xbox.

However, it still has some control issues that make it difficult for beginners or even skilled players to gain full control.

The manufacturer offers a new update every month. New features and improvements have been developed to give players a great experience. You may be tired but you can’t get bored with PUBG Mobile APK.

There is an old saying, “Only action is perfect.” And I think that’s right for any situation. If you are new to PUBG, this is a great game you should not miss. If you have some experience playing PUBG on PC or Xbox, then you must try PUBG Mobile APK. Hopefully, you won’t get used to it.

What’s new

Pub Mobile Roanoke Power Gameplay!
Brand new gameplay
Dominate the battlefield with flames, Arctic and wind runs!
a) Flame: Ask for a fire wheel and use dynamite powered ammunition.
b) Arctic Attitude: Lift the ice wall and slow down the enemy with frozen ammunition.
C) Windrone: Turn on the windshield and improve the movement and reload speed.


Metro New Chapter
Honor is here! New added weekly rating, solo mode, and honors system.

Add Honor to get sound packs, outfits and other permanent prizes!


2. New 1.3.0 Update pubg mobile korean version 32bit APK + OBB


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