pubg mobile kr virgin download APK and OBB Free

pubg mobile kr virgin download apk

PUBG Mobile Patch 2.6.0 has arrived, introducing three new modes, vehicles, an arena map, and more for the Battle Royale game. pubg mobile korean version

You can download the new update through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, if you can’t do this on your Android device, you can manually download the APK file to access the new solution.

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Download link

You do not need to manually download the OBB file for PUBG Mobile Patch 2.6.0 Just open the game after installing it to download the OBB.

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How to Download PUBG Mobile 2.6.0 Update

Once you have downloaded the APK file, search for it on your device.

Click on the APK file to start the installation process.

You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device.

In Android 11, you can find it in Settings> Applications and notifications> Access to special applications> Install unknown applications.

Once the APK is installed, open the game to download an in-game update.

You will still need to manually download the game modes and maps after opening the game.

Starting today, the Titan Strikes mode has come to PUBG Mobile as part of the game’s collaboration with the sci-fi movie Godzilla vs. Kong. Currently, only Godzilla has made it to the Erangel map. Other titans, including Kong and Mechagodzilla, will arrive in Sanhok on May 15 and Livik on May 20, respectively.

PUBG Mobile 2.6.0 update is now available. While the Play Store or App Store won’t immediately display it, PUBG Mobile 2.6.0 APK and OBB files are now available for official download from PUBG’s servers.

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According to the PUBG Mobile 2.6 patch notes, the new update is called Traverse – Titan Strikes. The update features your favorite Titans like Godzilla, King Kong, and a mysterious third Titan. Exploring the patch notes also suggests that PUBG version 2.6.0 could be unofficially dubbed Attack of the Titans.



While it remains a mystery whether players will fight against or alongside these titans, you’ll find Godzilla and King Kong on your favorite maps, Erangel, Sanhok, and Livia.

What is New in Pubg mobile 2.6.0

PUBG Mobile 2.6.0 update also includes Royale Pass: Traverse (from Jan 17), Cheer Park improvements, new features for friends, match functionality, and customizable online status messages. . Find out all the details in our full patch notes article.


Godzilla, King Kong, and a mysterious third titan arrive in Erangel on May 11, Sanhok on May 15, and Livia on May 20. They will be present until June 8, 2023. Update your game today! Download the PUBG MOBILE 2.6.0 APK and OBB files below.


This time there are two versions of the PUBG Mobile 2.6.0 APK. The first one is the 990MB Full APK Download which is intended for all devices such as PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. So, if you intend to download PUBG for PC or Bluestacks, choose the former.

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The second is a compact version intended only for Android mobile devices or smartphones. It comes in a compact size of 771MB. However, keep in mind that once you install the APK, it will automatically start downloading OBB files; which can occupy a total of 2 GB of storage on Android.

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 Just install the APK and it will start downloading the OBB files. Comment below for any issues.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version APK + OBB – 32+64 Bit Download Free for Android

pubg mobile kr virgin download apk
pubg mobile kr virgin download apk


Download Apk + OBB 

New Update 64 Bit Download

PUBG Mobile Global Version APK + OBB 32+64 Bit Download Free for Android




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