PUBG Mobile vs. BGMI: 5 major differences between games according to all version

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI

In this article we going to tell you about PUBG Mobile vs. BGMI: 5 major differences between games according to all version

PubMobile and BGMI have recently received their 1.5 update, which ended the Tesla collaboration. Both Byte Royal titles underwent significant changes, and the audience spent a great deal of time exploring newly added aspects.


Sharing Crafton with Tesla eliminates ignition mode in both titles. The new mode includes a number of new features, including Tesla Y series vehicles, Tesla Giga Factory, Hyperloop Transport, and new weapons.


Certainly, there are similarities between PUBG Mobile and BGMI. However, according to version 1.5, there are significant differences.


1) BGMI LITE release date

The main difference that emerged after the 1.5 update was the release date.


The update on PubG Mobile came into effect on July 9, while the same update for BGMI arrived a few days later, on July 13. The previous party had the opportunity to experience the changes a few days ago.


2) End vs. Murder

Both PUBG Mobile and BGMI require the last man / team to stand up to the others. However, there is a subtle difference between the two in terms of exposure.


In PUBG Mobile, users are shown that someone has been killed. BGMI completely avoids slashed phrases and relatively anything related to it. Instead, the word “end” is displayed to the audience.


3) K / D vs. F / D

PUBG Mobile and BGMI still use the old system to display the ratio of gamers.


However, since the phrases are different, PUBG mobile gamers are shown K / D while BGMI gamers are shown F / D.


4) Impact effect

To implement the government’s policies, BGMI had to make major changes. These tricks are evident in the game and separate it from the PUBG mobile.


Most of these changes were implemented to make the game child friendly. One modified aspect is the hit effect.


In the game of Pubg Mobile, gamers can compile a reddish color that mimics the blood coming from enemies. This option is not available in BGMI, as they can choose between two shades of green and a shade of yellow.


5) The effect of damage

Similar changes are evident in the effects of losses.

PUBG Mobile vs BGMI

PUBG Mobile has the option to apply Crimson Damage. BGMI users have only two options, green and yellow, to demonstrate this concept.

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