Telegram Groups Links For Joining | Telegram Movie Channels 2023

Telegram Groups Links For Joining | Telegram Movie Channels 2023

Telegram Groups & Channels is a superior and excellent platform that can download high-quality movies, web series, or mobile phone series for free. In today’s article, I have listed the best telegram channels for movie downloads and streaming. We Providing Free Telegram Groups Links For Joining | Telegram Movie Channels

Telegram channels provide you with movie download links, just click on them, and the download will start but most of these channels post spammy links. So you have to find the right movie channels. I know it’s hard and annoying to find good movie channels on the telegram.


no worry! I have worked for you

After researching and testing hundreds of telegram channels, I have mentioned about 100 100+ active and authentic channels so that you can download premium movies without any fuss. Best of all, these channels are free!

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Note: The channel lists below are based on my personal preference and not any telegram authority. The channels below may publish copyrighted material, I am not responsible for any infringement.

I have divided the film channels based on 9 different Indian languages ​​namely Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Pakistani, Girls Chat, and many more.

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Telegram groups links for joining
Telegram groups links for joining

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  •   Hindi Movie Telegram Channels & Groups
  •   Hollywood Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Tamil Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Telugu Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Punjabi Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Malayalam movie & Groups
  •   Canada Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Marathi Movie Channels & Groups
  •   Pakistani Chat Channels & Groups
  •   Girls Chat Channels & Groups
  •   Gujarati Movies Telegram Channels & Groups
  •   Frequently Asked Questions
  •   Hindi Movie Telegram Channels & Groups

Bollywood Movie Channels

Bollywood has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. The Bolly wood film industry is the largest in the world.

Yes, bigger than Hollywood (in terms of movies to be released)! Bollywood produces 1500 to 2000 films every year. I bet you haven’t seen it. Movies of your whole life! with you?

Thanks to Telegram, you can download and watch every Hindi movie for free through Telegram channels. These Hindi movie channels provide free download links for exclusive Hindi movies that are available on paid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

You can also request specific movies from the admins of these telegram channels, they will upload them to the channel.


Hollywood Movie Channels

Are you a big fan of Hollywood movies like me? You’re in the right place dude!

No film industry in the world can compete with the Hollywood film industry due to its great content and modern technology. In Hollywood, limited films can be made as compared to Bollywood, but their films are very strong.

Watching Hollywood movies allows you to learn and speak English in real life. That’s why I recommend you watch English movies

Here is a list of the best and original Telegram channels where you can download HD premium Hollywood movies and web series for free.

Tamil Movie Channels

Images of the Tamil language movement came from states like Chennai and Tamil Nadu in India. Don’t waste the Tamil film industry, blockbuster movies like Robot 2.0, Bagil, Kabbali have been produced by Tamil cinema.

Tamil films are world-famous, Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar have also participated in Tamil films. They have some amazing content and concept, you must have seen the incredible action in Southern movies, it’s awesome!

Tamil movies are dubbed in many regional and international languages, you will find links to download many popular dubbed Hollywood movies on these telegram channels.

Telugu Movie Channels

Telugu is widely spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Tollywood is a major film-making industry that has set a Guinness World Record for Ramoji Film City, the world’s largest film production facility.

You can think of Telugu cinema as the younger brother of Tamil cinema. Global films like Bahubali and Sahoo have been produced by the Telugu film industry.

Since in Tamil movies, Telugu movies are also dubbed in many languages, you will find links to download premium dubbed and subdued Telugu movies on the telegram channels below.


Punjabi Movie Channels

Punjabi movies are famous for their humor and love stories. The Punjabi film industry is constantly evolving and gaining popularity. There are many Punjabi films like Carrie On Jata 2 and Shada became famous all over the world and they crossed Rs 500 crore. Sign. You can have a good time watching Punjabi movies.

Many Telegram channels release immediately. Then upload the latest Punjabi movies.


Malayalam movie movie

Malayalam Cinema is based in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The film is known for its films such as Industry Champion and Peravi, which have won at least 31 international awards.

Canada Movie Channels

Canadian Cinema, also known as Sandalwood, is dedicated to the production of Canadian language films, which are widely spoken in the state of Karnataka.

Marathi Movie Channels

Marathi is widely spoken in Maharashtra, India. Marathi’s cinema is one of the oldest film industries in India. The Marathi film industry has produced films like Sira (2016), Lal Bhari (2014), and Time Pass (2014).

Telegram channels links for joining
Telegram channels links for joining

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To draw conclusions

Telegram is not just a messenger, it is a cloud-based service that enables us to download large files such as video. Telegram has 400 million active subscribers in 2023.

The telegram most widely used free source app for downloading and streaming movies and web series. Thanks to the developers of Telegram.

Hope I was able to help you. Let me know your reading experience in the comments below.

Do you manage a telegram channel for movies? Submit the link below to mention in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How to download movies or web series from telegram channels?

Step-by-step guide for downloading or streaming movies from Telegram Channel:

Download and open Telegram.

Find and open Telegram Movie Channel.

In the Telegram channel, find the movie you want to download or stream.

Click on the download link to start downloading the movie.

Enjoy the movie with popcorn!

Hint: You can also find a telegram channel with the name of the movie or series ie Dil Bechara, Mirzapur, Death Note, etc.

  • 2. How to find or locate downloaded movies in the phone file manager?

Telegram does not automatically save downloaded media to the file manager, you must save it.

Tap the “3-Dots Menu” in the upper right of the movie you downloaded.

Tap on the “Save to Download” option in the menu.

Open File Manager> Internal Storage> Downloads.

The movie you downloaded will be there.


4. Numerous promotion strategies that I use to promote my telegram channel:


Cross Promotion: Where two people promote/share each other’s content or channel. I also do cross-promotion where I mention the Telegram channel in my blog posts and return, that channel shares my post with its users.

If you don’t have enough customers to do cross-promotion, what can you do:

All Link in A File, and File Download link A Below click 👇 the download button For a link

Telegram groups link
Telegram groups link download


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Paid Advertising: Where you pay other blogs or telegram channels to promote your telegram channel. Tip – Don’t advertise on an hourly basis, you won’t get good results.

Shareable Content: Publish content on your channel that is shared by buyers. For example – news, facts, etc.

Post regularly: Publish content regularly because users join channels that remain active or they will leave.

Useful Content: Publish content that is relevant and useful to users. For example, if you manage an English movie channel, then try publishing only English movies.

Don’t spam: Don’t spam users with spam links and heavy advertising content.


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