WhatsApp Tips And Tricks For Pro Users In 2023

Are you want to use WhatsApp with extra features in 2023?here we will discuss some advance features with you that you didn’t know before let’s start the journey.

Switch to Dark Mode

This mode will help you to use your WhatsApp in dark mode dark mode is called night mode.when you will use your WhatsApp at night time.you can use this mode to protect your eyes because this feature is very amazing and best for you.

To turn on dark mode of your WhatsApp you need to go WhatsApp.Then simply click on three dots then simply click on setting after that you will see chat option then simply click there and simply click on dark mode.You will also get default mode if you will use that then you can easily dark mode like your device default settings.

Turn on Your Notification Brightness

This picture will allow you to turn on special notification on your contacts.If you want to get instant notification on your special contact for example your girlfriend or your special family member.You can easily turn on this picture you will see beep notification.When you will receive your special contact message.

To turn on notification brightness option simply go to chat option.select notification brightness simply enable and if you want to enable for special contact then you can also select that option.

Mark As Read Option

If you have multiple options and if you don’t want to read special person message.You can easily use this option this will allow you to check mark even he will not receive blue tick.

To turn on mark as read option simply select chat.hold for 2 or 3 seconds then click on mark as read option this option will be enabled.

Stare Chats

This feature is very amazing for the people who want to mark some special message. for example if you are chatting with your friend. you want to mark a special message and you don’t want to lose that message. you want to find that message in feature easily. then you can use this picture this picture will allow you to mark your favorite message.

To turn on stare chat simply hold a message which you want to highlight.After That simply click on three dot option after that you will see stare option click and mark your favorite message after that you can check that message on home menu.

Using Group Videos Calls

WhatsApp is now giving group calls.Before you cannot get this feature but now you can also get this feature easily. just simply click on call option and add a member which you want to add. and you can easily use cancel The another feature.


WhatsApp introduced now you can do link call now.Link calls will allow you to share link with people you want to add anyone can join that call with link.

Send Messages To Multiple Recipients

If you want to send messages to multiple peoples for example if you are running a business.if you want to send a single message to all people then you don’t need to record message and don’t need to forward.

You can click on broadcast option record your message.select multiple recipients then you can send.


Send Large Files

Before you can send files up to 100 MB but now WhatsApp is currently supporting more than 2 GB file you can send easily this will help you to send large files if you are doing a business.

To send Large files then you need to go WhatsApp simply select your contact and select document locate the file where you store that after that you can easily send file up to 2GB.

Set A chat pass code

This WhatsApp upcoming feature and officially has been launched you can lock a chat with a pass code if you want to keep a chat private and hide it is very useful for future every person who don’t want to share their personal chat with anyone.

To use pass key click on chat click on three dot icon after that you will see set a pass key option click on pass ke option place your pass key after that click on okay when you will open chat you will see passcode option.

Latest WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Is updating there app day by day. there are some basic updates we are going to discuss here.

1. Disappearing Messages: You Can Now Set 7 Days To 24 Hours After That Your Messages Will Be deleted.
2. Custom Wallpapers : You can Set Your Own Photos Of Personal Chats or whole WhatsApp.
3. Animated Stickers : You Can Make Your Own Stickers And Send to your friends.



WhatsApp Is best app to connect people all over the world. This is updating features day by day for their users I am personally using this app this app is very useful. for me fast and efficient The best thing of WhatsApp is this app is add free You will not see any type of ads in this app.


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